VIDEO: Anna Khilkevich ready to forgive her husband infidelity for the sake of the children

The actress admitted that she feels huge responsibility for her family.

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Anna, having recently opened new traits.
The actress was surprised to find that he became more calm, thoughtful
and less jealous. “I was very adamant and jealous — shared
the star of “Univer” with Catherine Velichenko during the live broadcast And
recently caught myself thinking that, perhaps, can forgive a cheating husband if
he “went left” once. Because when in a family a child is born, you
start much to be serious about your marriage. If the family — two
children, this is the kind of huge responsibility! For children, for the sake of
family, for the sake of hearth and home, I guess I’m ready to forgive my husband. Probably…»

The phrase “for the children”, having dropped no accident. In
an exclusive interview with the magazine “7 days” Anna admitted that her husband really wants
more children, and that soon, according to a may become a mother for the second time, she
even told the producers.

“Arthur in the first place wants it. They are now with Arianna
perfect touch in any case since then, as she began to speak. So
after all often happens: the Pope knows what to do with the baby when it is ready
play around. And now Arthur says: “Come second”. He feels that children —
it is an investment in our future, — said the actress. — In addition, one child
the family usually grows selfish. Arthur knows that our daughter has such
tendency, here and presses on it. And then, he is tricky, wants the children to each
a friend took. In General, the husband is asking a second child. But once
cute wants, why not? I have producers warned that planning for a second
child to the doctors went. Approached responsibly!»