Catherine Gordon again discredits her husband

Екатерина Гордон снова скандалит с мужем Ex-husband of the journalist accused her of lying. Lawyer and human rights activist Sergei Zhorin has published a video in which Catherine Gordon admits the libel of her husband.

Journalist Catherine Gordon and lawyer Sergei Zhorin were married twice and divorced twice – in 2011 and three years later. The first time they married a month after Dating, but the relationship didn’t work out. In the same year, Gordon has publicly stated that her husband beat her up, Kate was in the hospital with a concussion and bruises. Despite the fact that a criminal case was instituted, the couple still separated, Gordon filed for divorce. But three years later, Sergei and Ekaterina got married again, their son Daniel was then two years. However, the second marriage was short-lived, just a month after the second registration the Gordon and Zhorin got divorced again, and this time was initiated by Sergey.

The relationship of Catherine and Sergey did not end there. Two years ago, they admitted to “StarHit” that failed to find a common language for the sake of the child and are ready to raise their son Daniel.

Sergei Zhorin about relationship with Kate Gordon: “We began to communicate normally for my son»

And now again went on the warpath. The first were Sergey Zhorin. Lawyer and human rights activist has published on his page in Instagram video in which Catherine admits that slandered her husband and he has never beaten. According to Gorina, he did so because “the electorate deserves to know”.

“Friends, I long time was silent. Waited. Thought maybe the lady’s trauma, maybe she’s lying to the whole country of pain and resentment that are unable to build a family. Thought maybe still loves. I remained silent for the sake of our son. Tried to protect it from dirt. It’s been five years! But Madame took it as my weakness. Walked various shows five times. Spraying me with dirt and a stream of lies. Lied about the beatings, about what I allegedly did not pay child support… And suddenly I realized. There’s no pain, no love. There is meanness and lust for PR. Revenge for the fact that I couldn’t stand her lies and left. I thought about it and decided. The electorate needs to know the truth about Madame candidate. I have a lot of videos and photos that for me to tell the whole truth about Catherine, Podlipchuk (born Gordon). She’s lying professionally, that does not hide. It’s time to tell the truth,” wrote Zhorin.

Catherine said immediately. Gordon has published another video – record programmes “live” two years ago, in which Zhorin, in turn, acknowledges that he raised his hand to his wife, repents of their deeds and asks for forgiveness. Catherine a message through the social network said that the video, in which she admits that the husband did not hit her, it was only an attempt to resolve the conflict. And also said that I was sure the ex-husband erased the video, as promised. Gordon believes that Zhorin fear its success: “Sergey… I’m sorry that time doesn’t make you better. Sorry that you’re still petty and unfair. It is a pity that you’re so afraid of my success in work and so actively nasty to me…”- so it is the beginning of the post.

“…I loved you, forgave and even voluntarily went to a clinic of neurosis, because my relationship with you has brought me to a standstill. I was sitting in front of you, you asked for forgiveness and told me a story about the fact that there is such a principle – cons “principle fish”. That it is necessary to trust and fall back on their own, they say, will be caught. Told you this as an example of trust and some important relations… You told me: “Kate, if we’re all going to start from scratch and jump… we will be happy.” I took the statement on the expertise of health (you’d come with me) lied just to cover you. I stopped Dobrovinsky, not to start criminal liability. I loved or was sick… Who already understand. Now, you told me: “Kate, if you trust me and love… tell me on video that I didn’t hit you… I immediately erase it. But I know that I’m more important than you PR and what will people think”. I said. I sat, tortured, terrible… said. And you said you erased and hugged me,” wrote Gordon.

Catherine believes that Zhorin, trying to ruin her political career, going on about “those who use yours, alas, a weak gut.” “I’m not sorry I believed you then. This video, Sergei, about my trust, about the willingness of every woman to give everything without thinking, my man. I do not regret, Sergei. I was saving you, your lawyer status and our Love… You stain me with slander and dirty tricks – you’re my soul stain. Thank you for your son, and I really pity you because your life is apparently to this day no one brighter than me and my last love,” wrote Catherine Gordon on his page in Instagram.

Recall that Catherine Gordon first said that he will run for President, but later withdrew his candidacy, noting that he did not wish “to participate in the farce.” The journalist does not intend to stop political activities, Gordon is going to create his party.