Angelika Varum gave the unusual name of newborn daughter

Анжелика Варум дала необычное имя новорожденной дочке
The singer has revealed a family secret.

Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum with daughter Elizabeth and her boyfriend mark

Photo: @agutinleonid Instagram Leonid Agutin

Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum have once again confirmed the title of “the most romantic and touching star spouses.” The couple exchanged greetings, not only in person but also in social networks. Often, Leonid and Anzhelika write very personal wishes, not being afraid to give their fans reading the details of family life.

Yesterday Angelica on the occasion of the 19th anniversary daughter Elizabeth revealed the secret name of the birthday girl. As told by the singer, many years ago, while still pregnant, she has chosen for the future heir several names. It later turned out that none of them fit a newborn baby. Family members for a long time called her “kitten” and “cat”. Even after the certificate of birth of a girl was written the name Elizabeth, Agutin and Varum continued to refer to her data, at the birth of the affectionate nicknames.

“When this little old lump of a woman, with a face Agutin, was born, once it became clear that none of these names doesn’t suit her. After some quite long time, on the large family Board, with a name still undecided, but until then, dad had called the daughter with the Ball, and I was a Cat. Past year… And I realize now that I was right. You have inherited all the best from this intelligent, independent, graceful creatures of nature”, — shared memories of Angelica.

By the way, gentle handling Agutin and Varum is used not only to children but also to each other. Leonid recently revealed that in the absence of the witnesses called the Angelika “my girl” and she him “my boy”. Very touching for the couple, who have been together for 20 years, isn’t it?