Victoria’s mother Bonnie was struck by the natural beauty

Мама Виктории Бони поразила природной красотой Socialite has published a portrait of a mother, to refute rumors about his alleged numerous plastic surgeries. Fans of celebrities found that Galina Bonya looks amazing, and I loved the compliments.

TV presenter and model Victoria Bonya – the winner of an extraordinary appearance. Than-their-girlfriends socialite periodically compared to actress Angelina Jolie. In this regard, some Internet users believe that Victoria is a fan of plastic surgery and her beauty is the achievement of medical professionals, and not a natural gift. Itself Bonya repeatedly denied such allegations. Recently, a woman once again denied the speculation the public by publishing a picture of his mother Galina Ivanovna.

“In our family all the women had a bright appearance, this is evident in the photos… in Addition to Russian, Ukrainian blood in our veins, and Chinese blood. On my mother’s side, our grandfather was Chinese (five knees). Thank you mom for the natural beauty, thank you grandma for your beautiful, loving heart! It was my grandmother instilled in us the absolute love of the world, every bug and the bug#. Remember, not only have a beautiful appearance, it is also important to have a beautiful heart. External beauty fades, but inner never. Mom, I love you,” – wrote in the microblog Bonya.

Fans of Victoria found that it is very similar to a loved one. Fans of the socialite took her a lot of compliments, and wished the parent star health and all the best. “Genes do the talking”, “You’re so similar”, “Very beautiful”, “Victoria, you have a unique appearance. Your mom is also amazing, but more exotic you”, “I’m Sure that Galina young also drove men crazy like you”, “Like two drops of water”, “Gorgeous”, “Stunning”, wrote in the comments of the post, Boni.

We also add that Victoria Bonia took part in the Patriotic campaign “Month of May”, dedicated to the celebration of Victory Day. Within its framework, the representatives of show business and the bloggers, among whom were Ksenia Borodina, Svetlana Anokhina, Timur Batrutdinov, Nelly Ermolaeva and Evelina Bledans, remembered the deeds of their ancestors who participated in the great Patriotic war. Victoria posted on Instagram a gallery of photos taken on the set of the project. In addition, Bonia shared pictures of relatives, including grandma Zoe Petrovna Makarova. Many fans of celebrities found that all women in their family looked terrific. Pynzar, Borodin and S. remembered the great deeds of our ancestors