Nargiz Zakirova took off in the clip, the star of “the battle of psychics”

Наргиз Закирова сняла в клипе звезду «Битвы экстрасенсов» The actress has released a video featuring the white witch. Nicole Kuznetsova played a girl who predicts the death of a close loved one. The video for the song “I will always be with you” based on a true story.

Nargiz Zakirova has released a mystical video for the song “I will always be with you.” The creators of the new told a story based on real events. The prototype of the heroine was a girl with psychic abilities that could predict the future. However, this turned against her: she saw impending death of his beloved. She was not easy to hear this information, because the witch knows that at any moment the life of a chosen one can end. She decides knowingly to go with him to death.

Nargis tried to convey in the new work the following truism: “And every time I say good-bye forever when you leave for a moment…” the Main character was played by the finalist of one of seasons of “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova. The white witch managed to get into character and portray a touching love story along with a colleague, Philip Cortez.

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“Nargis – beautiful, wise, with a complex fate. It’s about us said, music binds us. The fact that we are together in a mystical clip – this is not an accident, it will remain with us forever. And so I assisted spiritually close to me, to ask me about it or ask advice not necessarily. Because I’m clairvoyant, not only in video but also in life. If Nargis would not receive it, she would be unable to support the nonfictional story of the clip so soulful song,” said Nicole “StarHit”.

Admirers Zakirova was looking forward to the new artist. “The last time the clips with the plot – a rarity. Thank you!” “Very profound and sensitive love song. Whoever has loved will understand,” “Very elegant and heartfelt song! Nargis and Max Fadeev – the best!” “I watched the clip, it’s awesome. Very tender and touching” – opinions of fans of the stars.

By the way, this cooperation has surprised fans of the TV show “Battle of psychics”, because recently Nargis unflattering spoke about her participants. The woman claimed that very sorry after filming in a mystical show. Nargiz Zakirova spoke harshly about the “Battle of psychics”

Kuznetsova did not accept the statements of the artist at his own expense. According to witch, the program creates people with different abilities, so it’s hard to say that all members are real magicians and healers.

“As the singer spoke about the “Battle of psychics”, for me it does not matter: it’s a TV show with many very different participants, and not a particular person who is able to disappoint your heart. In the video I was myself, barefoot with a bandage on his throat over the breathing tube. I think for both of us it was not a show but very intimate story. I am grateful to Nargis for the fact that I, a man without a voice, she gave the magical sounds of the song. To speak about my predictions for Nargis, I will not, because protecting someone else’s secrets. Let me just say that thanks to this clip, the singer escaped a great disaster that lay in wait for her this spring. Such is the power of good deeds and given to the people of talent!” – said Kuznetsov.