Artem Tkachenko took young son out of the country

Артем Ткаченко увез маленького сына из страны The actor went on a trip with loved ones. Company Artyom Tkachenko made his beloved wife Ekaterina Steblina and charming heir to Stepan, who is still not informed. The family of the actor enjoys holidays abroad.

Actor Artem Tkachenko happy in a relationship with actress Catherine Stabling. Apparently, young people played a secret wedding. Fans of the pair noticed that Tkachenko’s wearing a wedding ring and calls her “wife” in social networks. The Catherine have the name of a loved one on Facebook.

Artem Tkachenko was replaced by family status

The other day the young people went on holiday to another country. The artists chose not to share your location with fans, keeping the intrigue. Artem recently released a touching photo of the darling and beautiful son Stepan, who is still not informed. Tkachenko also admitted loved ones in love. Apparently, the artist genuinely happy spending time together with spouse and adorable baby.

“Without you everything is nothing”, – wrote the actor in his microblog, by publishing the hashtags “family”, “wife” and “my love”.

Fans Tkachenko was impressed with his publication and had left her many rave reviews. “Beautiful words”, “Such a simple phrase, but how does it sense”, “Very beautiful photo”, “Cute”, “Without children, life has no meaning, what is happiness!”, “God gave you extinct”, “What a sweet and tender photo”, “Space”, “Good family, good luck”, – wrote in the comments to the post Artem.

Previously Artem shared with fans the emotions of the replenishment in the family. The actor does not hide that he is very happy to become a father for the second time. In his touching post Tkachenko thanked her for the beautiful child. “A year and a day ago, I could not think that I will lie with you, Stephen, on the floor on the play Mat. And the next day, that is, a year ago, I learned that soon our regiment will arrive! Thank you, son, I have you! Thank you, the wife that a year ago you gave me such a shock,” – with these words, the artist turned to the second half.

We will remind that Artem Tkachenko also brings a four-year Tikhon, who was born in his marriage with model Eugenia Krapovickas. The actor often shares pictures of the heir to the social networks. The artist’s fans think he’s a wonderful father. Despite the shooting and the employment in different projects, Tom finds time to communicate with the child. When Tkachenko have a spare moment, he tries to spend it with his son.