Виктория Романец не готова простить Антона Гусева The girl is afraid to repeat the fate of the former couple man. Anton Gusev publicly apologized to Victoria romanet and hopes that the wedding will still take place. However, the former participant of “House-2” not thinking about how to return to the old relationship.
Виктория Романец не готова простить Антона Гусева

Last weekend Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet announced that cancel the wedding, which was scheduled for the seventh of July. The man learned that the girl is in correspondence with a friend he admitted to no feelings for the groom. The former participant “Houses-2” has declared that her partner is unable to cover the costs of the celebration in honour of the wedding.

Despite the fact that a couple of days later Gusev is cold and asked romanet sorry, she is not ready to get back to. Not so long ago, she threw out the window things Anton, and he had to find another place to stay. Apparently, the Victoria’s patience snapped, and because she is not making steps towards reconciliation. Anton Gusev: “I Want to publicly ask for forgiveness Wiki”

“I had to earn money, cook, clean, look feminine, and all that Anton had taken for granted. But from a relationship of pleasure should receive both, and it turned out that only he enjoyed. I’m tired, I don’t want any of the wedding or relationship. Now I only think about rest and its implementation”, – admitted ex-member of reality show.
Виктория Романец не готова простить Антона Гусева

Also in the conflict interfered girlfriend Sasha Victoria Artemova. It supported a brunette, and suggested that a friend worthy of the best men more wealthy, which is her worship. Gusev protested such a bold statement colleagues for a reality show, and hastened to explain. He said he earns more than the groom Artemov. Sasha Artemova about the wedding Wiki Romanets: “She phoned me and cried,”

Виктория Романец не готова простить Антона Гусева

Anton hopes to be able to return to Victoria and after a while her heart will melt. However, in the short time that the couple lived together, the girl noticed the flaws in the character of men. She realized that she doesn’t want the same family relations, which were at Gusev with his ex-wife Eugenia Feofilaktova.

“Anton, a young boy, has everything ahead of him. By and large our separation I experienced in April, when we for some time went, — shared Victoria with the publication of “House-2″. — I can’t make the model relations, which he brought from a previous marriage. After marrying they had quarrels, fights, assault and battery. They did not respect each other, and Anton used to be the girl.”