Обнародованы результаты расследования смерти экс-солистки «Лицея» Became known the true cause of the tragedy that occurred with Jeanne Rustamovoj. The singer died in his apartment in January of this year. Then her friend Prokhor Chaliapin suggested that the actress could have been killed. Law enforcement agencies learned details of the incident.
Обнародованы результаты расследования смерти экс-солистки «Лицея»

In January 2017 he died singer Zhanna Rostkova. Ex-participant of group “Liceum” died in his apartment in Vladivostok under strange circumstances. As reported by some publications, the woman fell on the head of the regiment, when the singer was in the tub. However, each artist Prokhor Chaliapin decided that a familiar could kill. Prokhor Chaliapin about the death of a close friend, ex-soloist of the “Lyceum”

“The tragedy overtook the house unexpectedly. It does not hurt, and nothing boded trouble,” wrote the singer on Twitter after news of the death of a colleague.

Then local SUS’k began to investigate the mysterious death of Rustamovoj. Now it turned out that after the inspection, it was decided not to initiate criminal proceedings, since her body was discovered in the bathtub with no signs of violent death.

“The test is completed, the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case because the death is of a criminal nature”, – said the representative of the investigative Department of the RF IC in the Primorsky territory.

As previously stated the friends of Rustamovoj, the woman could also be a heart problem. Evgenia Grebenyuk, friend of Joan, suggested that the actress had a minor stroke, she began choking, so grabbed the shelf. It friend found the body of Rustamovoj. She couldn’t get ahold of a friend and went to check on her. But the door nobody opened. When close got a spare set of keys and entered the apartment, they found the lifeless body of Joan.

In turn, Prokhor Shalyapin was suggested that Jeanne could have killed from-for apartments. He met a woman many years ago and every time arrived in Vladivostok, organized a meeting with the singer.

“We’ve been friends since 1999, the “Morning star,” in which Joan was involved… We were always “on the same wavelength”. Jeanne was an incredible soul, talented singer, a bright, beautiful girl,” recalled the artist.

Recall Rostkova was the winner of the youth award “crystal note” and the winner of the contest “Morning star” in the senior vocal group in 1999 in Jurmala. Several times Joan has performed at concerts with the group “Lyceum”. However, according to the representative Yevgeny Yakovlev, the artist is not included in the main part of the team, and only occasionally a substitute member.