Звезда сериала «Великолепный век» Бурак Озчивит закатил грандиозную свадьбу Turkish actor married fellow actress Fahriye Evcen. Celebration Burak has dubbed the event of the century. Holiday cost the man a fortune. At the feast, the bride changed three luxurious outfit.

Yesterday in Istanbul hosted the wedding of one of the most beautiful pair of Turkish cinema. Star of TV series “Magnificent century” and “Black love” Burak ozcivit played legitimized their relationship with Fahriye Evcen. The wedding ceremony took place at a closed historic Villa Sait Halim Pasa, located on the shore of the Bosphorus Bay.

Luxurious arch was a hanging flowers and greenery – in the same style as the bride’s bouquet. White, lilac and light yellow roses combined with orchids made the event even more delicate and touching. The beauty was dressed in a fitted white dress style “fish” with a neckline and open arms. Fully embroidered outfit was supplemented with a long train and a veil of several meters. Fahriye hair was neatly caught up. The ring actress is made of white gold with many diamonds. The groom chose a classic black tuxedo with bow tie.

The pledge of allegiance, the lovers spoke in front of several dozen family and friends. On the question of the Minister’s consent to take a husband Burak brunette enthusiastically shouted an answer, what touched the laugh of the bridegroom. Lovers are constantly kissed, shook hands and whispered.

Interestingly, after the ceremony the newly-married couples changed outfits. Ozcivit played wore a white jacket instead of black, and Evcen changed into a different dress – white with open back and large bow in the back. The veil she decided to withdraw completely, to be able to dance. By the way, dancing really was a lot. The couple gave the guests an incredibly sweet and touching wedding dance. A song from the movie “50 shades of grey” celebrity moved slowly to the music. Actors pre-prepared room, where she thought through all the details that the bride tilted and circling your favorite.

After a while, already in the midst of it, the elect were joined to incendiary dances together with friends and colleagues. They danced to a popular Turkish hits. It is worth noting that the couple never broke up, constantly smiling and gently touched each other. In addition, at the end Evcen changed into the third dress. White outfit with a deep neckline, embroidered flowers, emphasized the figure of the beautiful. In it, the actress threw a wedding bouquet of her friends.