Victoria Makarska tired of the complaints and whining

Виктория Макарская устала от жалоб и нытья The singer and wife of the famous actor urged to stop wasting time on unnecessary self-pity. Instead, Victoria Makarska offers to act. As an example, she brought herself: a woman with 13 years worked on a variety of duties.

      Виктория Макарская устала от жалоб и нытья

      42-year-old singer Victoria Makarsky, the actor’s wife of Anton Makarska and the mother of two beautiful kids, Masha and Vanya, recently made a publish on Twitter about that to complain about my life — not nice.

      According to the woman, whatever happened to the man, he will still be unhappy. In other words, there will always be something to miss, and instead focus on positive things and just get pleasure from life, many are beginning to bump into negative thoughts, to envy others, to dream about the unrealizable. Makarska is sure: most people can’t be happy with what you have. And they do this to their own detriment. As a photo to your post Victoria chose a picture where she and her husband are sitting on the background of the pots. Thus, the artist demonstrated the well-known words: “Not that hard”.

      “Explain to me, my dear, and not very healthy guys, how can you complain about life? Why under any circumstances need to whine? Money is Noi that few to a new apartment. No money — don’t want to understand that it is necessary to be content with what we have, and credit score don’t need to envy others, to live “not worse”. What we are thankless and ungrateful people are never happy. Because, in fact, simply jealous of others that they, look, so-and-so and does not know how to appreciate what he has… the Simple things if you don’t learn to enjoy, as well as any material goods, in any quantity, then to delight our souls will not,” wrote Victoria.

      Anticipating possible controversy with his fans, Makarska warned: it is not necessary even to try to prove her otherwise. In the singer’s life was a lot of work before it achieved popularity. It is very long to come to what she has now, and encourages others to do the same instead of wasting time, complaining of his unhappy life.

      “And don’t need me to try to dissuade the woman, who worked for 13 years, proplyvaya beds for 30 rubles in the Botanical garden, was also a nanny on vacation nanny and happily mopping the floors at the post office, and was an excellent student. And in Moscow, in GITIS and enrolled herself not to pull… Stop whining! Take a look around. Have eyes? Not blind? Thank God!”, — expressed his point of view of Makarska.

      Members of Victoria agreed with her post. “You’re all right. I love your family”, “as soon As you start feeling sorry for yourself, just a flick on the forehead!”, “Read you and understand what is important and what is not”, “Thank you, always to the point!”, “Best words”, “Very good”, “Good” — written by fans of Makarska.

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