Tutta Larsen complained of the son

Тутта Ларсен пожаловалась на сына
TV presenter wondered how to calculate the normal weight of a baby.

Tutta Larsen with her husband and children

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Many people are now concerned about their own weight, and often you don’t. But when
we are talking about babies, here is really worth thinking about: What to do if
the child does not fit into the norms of weight gain?

“With Luke and Martha in terms of breastfeeding and gaining weight
I have had no problems — shared tutta Larsen. But Vanya had
to deal with unplanned difficulties. He did not want to take the left
the breast, and the feeding process was quite painful. We know that
how long the baby sucked milk, so much at his place and comes. And I am very
was afraid to lose breastfeeding”.

Experts opinions differ on this point. Someone advises to focus on how
the child is feeling, not on the table. Tables of weight gain, according to the doctor,
seems to be rather conditional. When the rules of weight gain are developed, they do not take into account
the individual characteristics of the child. The key is to establish
breastfeeding and to exclude pathology in the dataset, or shortage of weight, and this
enough. And other professionals believe that the mother rules the weight at
the child should know. In the first months of life, a baby should gain at least
600 grams.

The topic of weight gain of the child tutta Larsen discussed in the new program.

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