Cornelia Mango intends to change the name

Корнелия Манго намерена изменить фамилию After the wedding singer will be presented as Durd. Cornelia Mango adheres to traditional views of the family and believes that a woman should wear her husband’s surname.

      Корнелия Манго намерена изменить фамилию

      The singer Cornelia Mango, which became popular thanks to participation in the project of the First channel “Factory of stars-7”, as you know, next summer will marry his chosen Bogdan, Durg.

      Marriage for the famous singer, which on April 24 will celebrate its 30th anniversary, a very strong and balanced step. Besides Kornelia Mango adheres to traditional views of the family and believes that husband and wife should be not only common views and interests, but also the name. But because the singer after marriage, intends to change its name fairly well-known. Cornelia would wear her husband’s name – Durd. About this singer said in the microblog, having answered affirmatively to a question from fans about his upcoming marriage and his intention to take the name of the future spouse. Followers corneli supported her desire, finding it to be correct. By the way, they say that the common family name only strengthens the relationship between spouses and different, on the contrary, can spoil them.

      “For fans, you will still be the same Mango, said one of the girls. But your decision about the name Bohdan is undeniable. The woman should wear the name of her husband.” “It may well leave the name Mango as an alias for work and in everyday life will easily wear her husband’s name,” said another podistica singer. Cornelia, however, discussion to support did not. It is obvious that she long ago made this decision, and now is preparing for the upcoming celebration.

      Kornelia Mango recently announced on social networks that is beginning to freshen up. The singer is going to lose weight with customized weight loss program. It includes the procedure of ultrasonic cavitation, daily sports training and diet she was going to observe meatless diet that excludes high calorie and unhealthy products.

      The statement to the Registrar has been filed, though the exact date of the wedding singer and her boyfriend 22-year-old Bogdan Durd the public is not yet announced. It is known that the celebration will be held in picturesque place on the Bank of the Moscow river. Just attend the ceremony are invited about a hundred people, friends of the newlyweds. To congratulate Cornelia marriage will come familiar to her from “American idol” and other projects, where she previously attended. In the program events will be competitions, songs and dances, and also numerous surprises. The concept of the celebration will be in the style of a beach party.

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