Victoria Lopyreva was criticized for excessive use of photoshop

Викторию Лопыреву раскритиковали за излишнее использование фотошопа
The model published a scandalous photo.

Victoria Lopyreva

Photo: Instagram Victoria Lopyreva

Victoria Lopyreva, which in the vastness of Instagram often
called the Queen of photoshop, again appeared in the scandal center. Subscribers
model and TV presenter in the nines smashed one of the last photos
published in her microblog.

In the picture Victoria is depicted in a closed white
a swimsuit on the beach, but “the Lopyreva” shapely girl learned
from: too much was retouched her face and figure. Fans before
have repeatedly criticized Victoria of excessive love for computer filters. Many subscribers lopyrevoy convinced that she
regularly suffers from use of filters and graphic editors. On
most of the pictures titled beautiful her skin looks unnatural
smooth, and the figure is disproportionate. A model that is rarely
to answer impertinent comments provocateurs, patiently silent all attacks.
Although one day she sharply responded and asked its users:

“Do you really think that photoshop is a crime?
Or none of you handles your photos in any programs? Yes it is
nonsense! I just never believe it! And even those people who say that they don’t
edit their images, they still do it! It is clear that we all want to see
myself in good angles, well, we’re girls…”