SCANDAL: Rose Sabitova was accused of fraud

СКАНДАЛ:  Розу  Сябитову обвинили в мошенничестве
Famous matchmaker was unable to find suitors for her clients.

Rose Sabitova


Rose Sabitova likes to say: “If you are unlucky, you want to blame it on
another person. And if not lucky in his personal life, then usually swear at those
who wanted to help build it”. This time the guilty was itself a star.

The presenter calls himself a matchmaker: she says, she organized many
happy unions. But all of a sudden, some clients of her Agency said that rose did not help them to find happiness, and found suitors as promised. Girls
they decided to apply for the people’s matchmaker to court
accusing it of fraud.

The scandal, which was involved Sabitova, caused
the tumultuous public outcry. Concerned teleshko acquainted with
claims of dissatisfied clients and responded to their accusations. The presenter gave
to understand that every man builds his own happiness.

“The truth needs to be with his fists?.. I won’t stoop to
such low behavior problems, aggression and revenge. I firmly believe in their cause,
that is my calling. What the Lord called me into this
world. I believe in law and order of my country. So I feel sorry for women
who blamed me for the problems of his personal life and trying to slander me from
his own helplessness. I feel sorry for people who do not know me and mine,
support this slander. God will judge!” — shared teleshko in Instagram. — The only thing I do all I can assure is that no one
will be able to break me, and I will not cease to do my favorite thing, to help
the birth of a strong and happy families!”

Fans of talasahi supported her and advised not
to give up.