Beyonce prepares for birth of twins

Бейонсе готовится к рождению близнецов
The singer and her husband, buy for children, a new house.

Beyonce and Jay-Z c daughter blue ivy


Beyonce, who is currently carrying
the twins being prepared for their emergence into the light. Although, as previously reported,
she and her husband Jay-Z has already built a nursery in their new York home,
spending on it equipment, as claimed, 1
a million dollars, the couple decided that most of the time they will still be
teach children (i.e., twins and an older daughter, five year old blue ivy) in Los Angeles. And to this end they
set out to buy a new house in this city. This was reported by the website

Beyonce and Jay-Z began to look for
new housing some time ago. But all the proposed options are not
satisfied spouses for one reason or another. And then, finally, they found something
what you wanted. The singer and her husband opted for the house, standing on the top
of a hill in Bel Air
whose Windows offer spectacular views of the surrounding area.

This mansion is more than spacious for them yet
that is not a very large family: there are eight
bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Adjacent to the home there are four
pool and garage for 15 cars,and in Windows, for security purposes, inserted
bullet-proof glass. According to the reporter’s site, the couple is close to
the signing of the contract, and they allegedly managed to bargain for
a significant discount. Although the original mansion has been requested 135
million, Beyonce and her husband purchase will cost them “only” 120 million.