Victoria Lopyreva unsuccessfully increased the lips

Виктория Лопырева неудачно увеличила губы

However, the TV presenter says that there are no injections do, like, full lips she inherited from nature.

Oh, those beauty shots… How many beautiful young ladies were victims of failed injections and plastic surgery. To recall Renee Zellweger, and now Victoria Lopyreva so pumped lips, girl now unrecognizable.

Виктория Лопырева неудачно увеличила губы

Виктория Лопырева неудачно увеличила губы

“Victoria, stop it!” – wrote fans a fresh picture of lopyrevoy. “You are beautiful, but huge lips spoil all” – delicately wrote the other. “In Russia in General there were girls with natural lips or in the Red book?” joked a third.

Surprising that usually the stars do not respond to sarcastic comments of their subscribers. Vick, by contrast, were quick to comment on the situation:

“Do you realize what you’re talking about? I with their lips do nothing, and as for “experience”, well, do not tell. And worry better for themselves and for their loved ones. For me there is someone to survive,” sharply replied the presenter to their fans.

“Before” or “after”: but which would you prefer?

  • Виктория Лопырева неудачно увеличила губы

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