Ходченкову заподозрили в анорексии

Fans seriously worried, as if her desire for a slim body no effect on health.

We all have become accustomed to see Svetlana Khodchenkova in perfect shape. Some joke that with her growth, she could become a successful model. But it seems that the actress got carried away with diets. Looking at recent photos of the actress with the “Kinotavr”, fans of the star have sounded the alarm: not so thin that it is time to make the diagnosis “anorexia”!

What happened to the old form of the actress? Few people remember that once upon a time Svetlana was a lush girl. In his first film “Bless the woman” directed by Stanislav Govorukhin that was released in 2003, Khodchenkova appears before the audience with chubby cheeks and a couple of extra pounds on the hips and tummy.

For this film the actress was nominated for film award “Nika” for best actress. Anyway, this picture of the glorified Hodchenkova. And what was the surprise of the audience, when a few years later they saw their favorite star greatly emaciated.

Stanislav Govorukhin was very indignant, the Director claimed that, together with overweight Svetlana lost a bit of its charisma. However, as you know, most women are committed to the ideal figure.

Ходченкову заподозрили в анорексии

According to Khodchenkova, lose weight was not so easy, had to abandon flour, fried, salty and sweet, which is so fond of the actress. However, every two weeks she still allows herself to eat dark chocolate.

“I have to admit: every Monday I Wake up and say to myself, “All this week starting to go to the gym!” But work so much that to get on the exercise is possible only occasionally. For me running is ideal: it makes the body fit, but not muscular and give it the soft texture that likes men” – confessed in an interview, Svetlana.

And what you not like?

  • Of course thin! She looks amazing
  • Svetlana really overdid it with the diet
  • I love her as an actress, and the weight does not interest me

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