The mother of four children Klimov showed the figure in a swimsuit

Мать четверых детей Климова показала фигуру в купальнике

Envy and only. The actress looks stunning!

Just one and a half years have passed since then, as Ekaterina Klimova gave birth to their fourth child. And now she is happy posing in a swimsuit.

The actress posted on his microblog a photo with the guests, which caused a storm of emotions among fans.

“What a figure! Extraordinary!” – wrote some.

“You’re a credit to this landscape” – admired by others.

And really, looking at Klimov, never say that this is the mother of many children. Meanwhile, 38-year-old actress is already a grown-up daughter Elizabeth, she is already 14 years, also the actress’s two sons from Igor Petrenko: Matthew for about 10 years, Korney – 8. And the youngest daughter Bella on October 2 of this year will be 2 years old.

But if the figure of the actress is carefully managed, here behind the wardrobe, alas, no. At a recent special screening of the film “Alice in Wonderland” in galleries “seasons” the audience’s attention was attracted by a very simple outfit of the stars: the usual jeans and nondescript blouse. Apparently, Klimov’s not trying to dress up in sexy dresses and stilettos for a third husband, the actor Gela Meskhi, which its besides, 8 years younger. Although, it doesn’t make much sense, with that figure, an actress in jeans will always look attractive.

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