Рудковская рассказала подробности 15-й операции Плющенко

Ian admitted that the operation was difficult and the recovery will require strength.

The first skater got injured during the warm-up before performance on the Olympic singles tournament in Sochi on February 13. Then Eugene needed urgent surgical intervention, and because of this, the athlete was forced to withdraw from the race.

The Olympic champion recently underwent another spinal surgery. Yana Rudkovskaya told that the operation was difficult and the wife will have a long recovery process.

“Trying to get back will be. But how she will succeed, time will tell! It is not a question, whether will return the husband to the sport or not. More likely to ask: “if health can he do it?” Because the fifteenth operation was given to him very hard. He could not sleep, always wore a corset. But he was strong and did it!” – admitted Jan portal prozvezd.

Rudkovskaya noted that while Eugene vosstanavlivaetsya, they have the opportunity to hold each other more time and a business trip the couple now go together in order to combine work with leisure.

The last operation took place in Israel, where the skater had a hernia operation in the cervical spine. Eugene shared his fortune with experiencing fans in social networks and after the operation told the audience.

“Thank you to all my friends and fans for the support and flowers! I’m on the mend!” – shared the good news with the fans of Eugene in mid-March.

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