Тарзан показал, как Королева выглядит дома

Sergey Glushko, without knowing it, introduced the wife is not in the best light.

Now Natasha with her husband and son Arkhip are in Miami. While the Queen puts pictures with her friends, Tarzan published a picture of Natasha where they have the whole family fooled. Oh, and he shouldn’t have done…

Seeing the photo, fans of the Queen was indignant: “how can this spread?”

Everyone understands that in the normal life of a star different from their photos on the covers of magazines. Natasha without makeup fans have already seen. Queen is good, even when her face no shadow of cosmetics. But why her own husband publishes the web is clearly the bad images?

However, it is worth to pay tribute to the star family. While other representatives of show business flood the network of staging the perfect photo, the Queen, and Tarzan show yourself for who you are.

Yes, they like to fool around, laugh at themselves they do not mind and do not be shy as actually look. And this can only envy.

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