Сын Гагариной заболел ветрянкой

The singer shared with fans a video, which depicted the eight-year-old Andrew.

Polina Gagarina is not only a successful singer, but also a wonderful mother of 8-year-old Andrew. In his microblog star shared with fans a video of his son.

“Chickenpox”, is briefly signed video star.

Video posted by Polina Gagarina (@gagara1987) Jun 4 2016 7:45 am PDT

For the treatment of unpleasant diseases Gagarin decided to not use green paint and a “talker” – a ointment, which also allows you to get rid of red dots, but not week leaves traces on the body.

Video stars gathered hundreds of excited followers review: fans of the star wished her son a speedy recovery.

The next day Pauline reported that Andrew was better and went with her husband to the concert, entrusting care of the child father, her first husband Peter Kislov.

“The pox began to retreat slowly, so the son took the father, and we realized that we should have time,” wrote Gagarina.

Recall that Pauline herself has recently been ill: the star ended up in hospital with severe poisoning.

“Want to go home! These two days are not the best, to put it mildly, but I know that everything happens for a reason, – said the singer. — Take care of yourself always, be sensitive and attentive to yourself, because it depends on you too many people, and most importantly, you need your friends and loved ones!”

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