Media: at the concert Timati broke the fan’s nose

СМИ: на концерте Тимати сломал фанатке нос

Girl injured during a concert of the rapper in Yekaterinburg.

Timati – the most harmless rapper of the Russian platform. For many years, it promotes a healthy lifestyle and does not give grounds for discussion. By accident of my detractors found itself…

June 2, the singer gave a solo concert in Yekaterinburg. During his speech, he distributed free to all present half-liter bottle of kvass, or rather threw them from the stage into the hall. And all anything if one bottle does not hit the face of the fan.

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Simple negligence, and a fan of Timati, not having to Dodge flying bottles “Vyatka” kvas, ended up in the hospital with a broken nose. However, not once. The girl was so into the concert that at first felt no pain. Only upon returning home she realized that it was necessary to urgently run to the doctor.

“What happened, in fact, for us the big shock. We will do everything possible to correct this situation. The victim no requirements have not yet been filed. We communicate with her parents and at the same time with Timur. It is clear that the damage was caused by the artist, but what we do in this situation, we will decide later”, – said in the house of culture of Yekaterinburg, according to DAYS.<url>.

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