Виктория Лопырева заговорила о новом романе The model and presenter admitted that her heart is not free. Earlier fans of a celebrity could only assume that she is in a relationship, and only recently Lopyreva has confirmed numerous speculations. Apparently, Victoria really happy.

      33-year-old model Victoria Lopyreva – an enviable bride. The young woman is a popular model and experiments in the acting profession. It is also repeatedly named one of the sexiest Russian celebrities. In addition, the name of lopyrevoy known not only in Russia. In September of this year the Spanish journalists called Victoria sexiest sports leading in the world.

      After the celebrity parted ways with football player Fedor Smolov, it has long hid his personal life from public attention. Subscribers lopyrevoy suspected that she is happy in a new relationship, because the model is periodically shared photos of luxurious bouquets of flowers. However, Victoria herself did not respond to questions about the mysterious chosen one. Only recently the beauty has decided to recognition about its second half.

      “I’ve already met my Prince charming… My previous experience shows that better about his personal life to tell as little as possible. Do it” – shared with journalists Lopyreva.

      Despite the fact that the model broke up with Fedor Smolov and she continues to maintain a warm relationship with him. Victoria is also watching his sporting achievements. This year Fedor was one of the best players of the season and scored 31 goals. Lopyreva proud of the achievements of the former wife and believes that next year he will continue to bring victory to his team.

      Admires Victoria Lopyreva Fedor Smolov

      We will remind that Victoria is also the Ambassador of world football Championship-2018. Lopyreva feels comfortable in this role. In November, the model presented ball “krasava”, which will be used at the confederations Cup 2017 in Kazan. The appearance of beauty has caused a storm of emotions among social media users. Some foreign sports commentators called the exit Victoria main event of the draw of the upcoming tournament. In recognition of the celebrity, this event will be remembered her for a long time. She was happy to plunge into the atmosphere of a grandiose holiday. “I had a chance to participate in many big events. But on the football of this level was for the first time,” – said Lopyreva reporters.

      Lopyreva also told reporters that the salary of the Ambassador of the 2018 world Cup is not as high as many people think. Model loves so much football that works for the idea, writes the edition “Sport-Express”.