Son of Natalya Krachkovskaya has denied the rumors about the fabulous legacy

Сын Натальи Крачковской опроверг слухи о баснословном наследстве The heir to the actress admitted that the data on several large apartments in Central Moscow are not true. After the death of movie stars Vasily Krachkovsky was attacked by friends of Natalia Leonidovna, who believed that he was indifferent to her mother, and now thoughtlessly dispose of the inheritance.

      Сын Натальи Крачковской опроверг слухи о баснословном наследстве

      Natalia Krachkovskaya passed away in March of this year. The actress died from heart problems at the age of 77 years. After the death of a movie star, her son and grandson, left a legacy: apartments in the center of Moscow and diamond jewelry. According to one of her friends Krachkovskaya, Basil did not see mom in the hospital, and rarely called her. But after she died, immediately took all the fabulous inheritance.

      The heir of the artist denies that was the owner of the luxury suites and boxes with diamonds. Moreover, according to Vasily Krachkovsky, jewelry, his famous mother kept. The area of apartment on Leninsky Prospekt is 40 square meters, and its cost realtors estimated in 8 million roubles.

      “I don’t know where it came from stories about the fabulous inheritance. I only got a tiny one-bedroom apartment in which I grew up. The second, which my mom passed, is now flat into the water. He is still as he lived, and live in a Studio apartment. No diamonds mother had. She loved all sorts of trinkets, like any woman, but they were all on it. She said I then gave them to my wife,” admitted Krachkovsky.

      Surrounded by stars of the Soviet cinema it was rumored that her grandson is very disrespectful to her grandmother and the funeral and did not come. According to the son of Natalia Leonidovna, information about conflicts in their family is untrue. The man claims that they are perfectly get along with each other.

      “My son, the guy is quite sharp and could instead of “grandma” say “Babka”, but it’s only a joke! I sometimes called my mother. You know, with her sharply not to talk because she’s in his pocket for a word not be reached and the same would answer. It is not true that she hadn’t paid attention. Almost every day went to see her after work and Vova – after classes at the University. My mom and I had a great relationship. I was surprised at all these details, because my mother never shared them. It is only with close friends”, – said Vasily, communicating with journalists, “Source”.