Ольга Зарубина пожаловалась на нервный срыв после съемок «Модного приговора» The actress spoke negatively about participation in the program. According to Zarubina and her friends, outfits that picked up on the project, did not paint. She barely managed to hold back the tears on the set.

      Ольга Зарубина пожаловалась на нервный срыв после съемок «Модного приговора»

      Some time ago the singer Olga Zarubina had taken part in the TV program “Fashion verdict”. The actress, remembered for such hits as “On the boat music plays” and “Cruel separation”, came to Hope Babkin, Alexander Vasilyev and Evelina Khromchenko, so they helped her change the way. Like many people, Olga wanted to be transformed before the holidays, but the fashion did not meet her expectations.

      “I watched some of the editions of the program, and I really even liked. Wanted the experts I refreshed for the New year. The artist is also important to keep up with the times. There is no trick to “Fashionable sentence” I did not expect. Stylist, which prepared me for the broadcast, however, was constantly saying, “I need to dress you in something you would never wear yourself.” But I have this phrase did not pay attention. Now I know: such things I would not wear never,” admitted the singer.

      According to the woman, tortured her for shopping to buy these things. Zarubin thinks that the new outfits haven’t stressed the dignity of her figure. The actress did not quite understand the idea leading to create a retro look.

      “I was really hoping for makeup. Expect, that I will make a stylish hairstyle, proper hair color. But there it was! And I’m floored large sunglasses, my face is mutilated beyond recognition. Slogans in the beginning – to rejuvenate, to beautify, to change culminated in a failure. When I looked in the mirror, saw a 70-year-old! Do a sentence!” – said Zarubina.

      The singer explained that almost made me cry when estimated image. However, in the broadcast of the show, she thanked leading for done with her image work. As said Olga Sobesednik.ru she wants to put the outfits with the “Fashion sentence” on the auction. “You break up with them without regret. I have not soul to him. So be sure to get rid of this negativity! Only upset that they hardly anyone will buy,” said the star of the 90s.