Victoria Dayneko told how to communicate with her ex-husband

Виктория Дайнеко рассказала, как общается с бывшим мужем
Personal experience helped the singer to get the role in the series.

Photo: Press service of STS

The new draft STS and producer Marius Weisberg — series “Cool crew”, Victoria Daineko played the role of the ex-wife of the protagonist. The pilot-a woman-hater Alex Kulagin, it was played by the actor Aleksey Chadov. Vick admittedly had a hard time on the set.

“I did not expect such a proposal, and now I, of course, it’s exciting, she said. — I always played with herself, but now I have to teach the text, to get used to her character. But I think I am very suitable for this role: I am also an ex-wife and this. I think Natasha (the name of the heroine) friends”.

In one scene, her heroine and hero Alexey Chadova had to go through the romantic quest: the ex-spouses who find themselves in a closed room, we have to work together.

“I’m also ex-husband cross, because we have one common happiness for two – our daughter, – Victoria said. And, you know, I’m fine with that. In addition, I believe that with all the former need to maintain good relations, to interact and to cooperate if necessary.”

Shooting in Saint-Petersburg singer arrived by plane, though usually prefers to come to his beloved city by train. “Apparently, the project influence on me – she was joking. – In General, on duty I communicate with cabin crew, sometimes with the pilots, who invited me into the cockpit. This happens very rarely, but if you knew what beautiful views from there!”