Julia left for a new job

Юлия Высоцкая вышла на новую работу
The broadcast will show the first release of the program “Wait for me” with the participation of the presenter.

Julia and Sergey Shakurov

Photo: PR NTV

Today, live
NTV held the premiere edition of the legendary program “Wait for me”. Project
beloved by audiences for over 20 years, continues its social mission:
the Studio program will happen a long-awaited reunion of loved ones will be reunited
families, will improve the destroyed destiny.

“In a special mood I get in this project is the desire
to support, to help, to find the right words for the characters in a difficult minute, and
respect for the team for many years engaged in such an important and necessary thing”,
— said Julia.

release “Wait for me” on NTV has developed from stories that no one will be able to leave
indifferent. In the Studio program will come to the daughter of Latin American
revolutionary, to find his father. Whether the quest to prevent a severe tropical storm
struck the Central and Latin America?

In Moscow
Park found the girl with complete memory loss. Around the same time
Sevastopol disappeared 23-year-old student Lisa. Whether these stories?

The audience
learn the unexpected sequel to one of the first letters that came 17 years ago
back on the program. And the story of the secret love, which after 40
years finally cease to be a mystery.

“The program “Wait for me” is a chance to give
people faith and hope, — says Sergey Shakurov. — Life often forces us to part,
to lose sight of the dear people. Sometimes not only the tragic event but
ordinary human carelessness separates loved ones for many years. But
the light at the end of the tunnel should be for everyone!”

For the first time
the audience will see modern search center program “Wait for me”. The search is in progress
all day, every day, and continue during the broadcast of the program. On the last
the news will tell Grigory Sergeev, the head of search group “Lisa
Alert”. People who go on the program, still do not know what awaits them.