Arnold Schwarzenegger will once again play a good Terminator

Арнольд Шварценеггер снова сыграет хорошего Терминатора
The actor lifted the veil of secrecy over the plot of the future film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photo: Outnow

Although he was already 70 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still in great shape and ready to star in a new Thriller.
Moreover, it is not about something but about
the sequel of the famous franchise “Terminator”.

Because Schwarzenegger had not only
to finish his career as Governor of California, but also to relax from their turbulent
activities in this position, he is ready to go back to his famous
once the role. As announced by the actor, he
I will play again a Terminator, and not a ruthless killing machine as he appeared in the first film, and a messenger
from the future, sent to save the main character. In short, Arnold
will transform into a “good” Terminator, and are very happy. “I think T-800 is a very interesting character. Of course, he is a robot and he is designed to destroy the enemies
and its capabilities are much greater than human abilities, but when he
faced with higher technologies, revealed its vulnerability. And
this vulnerability makes it attractive…” — said the actor.

As it became known, in addition to
Schwarzenegger in a new, already the sixth film of the franchise, from an old actor
the composition reappears 61-year-old Linda Hamilton,
who played Sarah Connor, the mother of the leader of the uprising of the people. As the Director of the movie
approved by Tim Miller, and the project consultant will be the Creator of the franchise, James Cameron. He
take on the role of producer. The film is expected to begin in March
2018 — Hungary and in Spain. And viewers will be able to see the new
movie in 2019.