Victoria Dayneko told how the daughter has changed her life

Виктория Дайнеко рассказала, как дочь изменила ее жизнь
The singer has justified before fans for being “slowed down”.

Victoria Dayneko

Victoria Daineko a few days ago noticed that her
microblogging has become less popular than before. The singer posted a sad
the photo and addressed the fans.

“Always sad to speak out loud about what you love, —
the singer wrote on the social network page. — And now the time has come!
for me. You don’t love me anymore and somewhere to run away from the subscribers. And I miss you already»…
Subscribers immediately wrote that I have not heard from Vicky new songs, and her
the posts appear in the feed once every two weeks. The artist decided to put all the points
and to justify before the fans. “Many write about what I’ve lost,
disappeared and so on. So, my dear! I’m with you! I’m not
gone and never about you don’t forget! I’m probably not the right actor and not
make music for the sake of their own ambitions. I don’t write songs to get
prize, I don’t sing songs to me often twisted on radio. I connected with the music,
because it is an integral part of me, and I sing only for this reason. That’s all.
music awards, TV, radio — it’s only the second satisfying aspect of my big
loves. You know that 2 years ago I became a mother, and let it kind of
a selfish decision, but I believe that every child has the right to mother in
such a special period of life. So I slowed down a little bit at a time, when
I always did concerts, though not as often as before, but the daughter grows, and
I am more and more going back to work. I have prepared an album and
a lot of pleasant moments which I will soon share with you. Thanks.,
what worried and support, and miss you! Believe me, it’s mutual! Just want,
you understand that all the time! And everything will happen!»

Fans supported the star and thanked her for
sincerity. “Victoria, the most devoted fans always with you! Waiting for new
songs’! Well done, we love you” — they wrote.