Without a voice and makeup: Regina todorenko injured on the job

Без голоса и макияжа: Регина Тодоренко пострадала на работе
The presenter was done filming the first part of the show “Macapure”.

Photo: Instagram

Two weeks in a row held Regina todorenko on the set of his new TV show “Macapure”. Very soon the project will appear in the broadcast channel “Friday!”Shooting was not easy, and the next day after Regina lost her voice.

Whether the presenter is too much and talked loudly these days, or have a virus, is unclear. She herself did not understand how it happened.

“How to get the voice, who knows?”asked the girl fans.

Over the days of filming Regina many times applied bright makeup (after all that show makeup artists!), now a few days she is going to do not to paint. Only to nourish and moisturize the skin, which in these winter cold days are very useful for any skin, not just so tired of makeup, like the TV stars.

It is noteworthy that absolutely no make-up 27-year-old Regina barely looks 18! And with such a pitying expression, as in the video, in which she talks in a whisper about lost his voice — and not give 16.

The best way to care for skin Todorenko believes coconut oil and aloe.

“I do coke from oil masks for hair and face, he told Regina in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — The plane take hydrogel Korean masochki, not fabric, and the like silicone. But the best thing invented for skin — aloe! In the Amazon we were badly burned. Us from head to toe smeared with the juice of fresh aloe and the next day from the burns left no trace”.