Tyra banks spoke about the amazing abilities of the son

Тайра Бэнкс рассказала о поразительных способностях сына
Two-year York already speaks three languages.

Тайра Бэнкс рассказала о поразительных способностях сына

Tyra Banks


Photo: Instagram.com

44-year-old tyra banks, who first became
mom at 42 years old, can’t get enough of his son to York. She believes that the baby is not
only stunningly beautiful, but incredibly smart boy.

Tyra said that York, which recently turned 2 years old, already speaks three languages. “He just
striking a child! Have learned to count to twenty and talking on
English, Spanish and Norwegian!”says banks.

Norwegian York develops quickly, as his father — photographer Eric Ansla — Norwegian. However, with Tyra father York is no longer living. Eric, a novel which
with banks lasted about three years, broke up with her just six months after the
the birth of a baby. As stated by the gossips, the photographer did not survive the attacks
bad mood Tyra, which, even with a nanny, was very tired, trying
to combine work with raising a child. However, he parted from banks quietly —
no drama, and kept her a normal relationship, so Erik often comes in
house and Tyra deals with her son.

Recall that Erica had borne for Tyra surrogate
mother. Admitted as a model, she became interested in career and missed the moment when I could have a baby herself. “I was working and thought: “When I was 23 , I had a baby!”Then, “I’ll wait another year…” and So it dragged on, so the time flew by…»