Victoria Dayneko justified before a spouse for someone else’s underwear

Виктория Дайнеко оправдалась перед супругом за чужое белье Like most of the fair half of mankind, the singer loves shopping and sometimes does not clear the purchase. The graduate of “factory of stars” shared with subscribers a new item in your wardrobe, the appearance of which did not appreciate her husband.

      Cheryl Cole posted a microblog a picture in which she poses in front of a mirror in a cozy home tucked shorts and a t-shirt. It might seem that the 29-year-old celebrity puts that photo on purpose, to demonstrate to all fans of your flat stomach. But after reading the review, which left the singer under the post, it became clear that the question here is not about the toned figure of a young woman, by the way, mom’s one year old daughter, and about the model of her shorts, which were men’s shorts.

      “I bought the Vika shorts walk around the house favorite gray-blue color to the interior fit. Turns out it’s men’s boxers. Then, as I was explaining to my husband why I have suddenly male underpants come from is a different story altogether. No, but what. Conveniently same,” shared Victoria.

      Apparently, the euphoria of buying a comfortable home clothes have changed Daineko a showdown with her husband, musician Dmitry Kleiman. The indignation of men moruo understand: not every day you find a wife at home in the wrong men’s underwear. If you take into account the sense of humor of Victoria and creative nature of both spouses, it can be assumed that all ended with laughter and jokes about the bold purchase of the singer.

      By the way, in the comments to the post followers Daineko, too, laughed heartily, and many told similar stories that happened with them: “I bought jeans, took two years, in the end it turned out that they are male, And I went in boxers, even specially bought them for myself, they are not under pressure, whether”, “I had not chickened out!”. And someone even has compared Victoria with the heroine of the series “Sex in the city” – “just like Carrie Bradshaw, she was also sleeping in men’s underwear,” wrote one of podeschi.

      Not so long ago, in early autumn, Dmitry Kleiman surprised subscribers purchase. However, its value millions of times exceeded the cost of zmeinyj panties Victoria. The musician bought a new car of the German brand Volkswagen. “Hello, new friend. How to call? Wife offers a “Squirrel” – he boasted on his page in Instagram. Followers wife Dayneko congratulated the drummer with the purchase and wished me luck on the roads.