Vladimir Kristovskiy showed the first photo of newborn son

Владимир Кристовский показал первое фото новорожденного сына November 8, frontman of the band Uma2rman became a father for the fifth time. The musician’s wife gave him an heir, whom the happy parents named Fedor. The head of the family, despite the cold outside and a Blizzard with sleet already goes on walks with the baby and shares pictures with fans in the microblog.

      The birth of a son was the 40-year-old Kristovsky a real treat. Birth of Fedor he was waiting for. This is not surprising because Vladimir already has four children and they all girls. From his first marriage with Valerie Roman, with whom he lived together for 17 years, the singer grow heiress – yasmin, Stanislaus, MIA and Mind. “Friends, I have great joy. Fedor Vladimirovich Kristovskiy! Now I have a whole hockey top five,” wrote Kristovskiy in Instagrame right after designer and model Olga Pilevsky, his new wife gave birth to a baby.

      The musician continues to delight his fans with details of his personal life and has managed to boast the first picture taken with a newborn Teddy. In the photo Vladimir is standing with a stroller in the background of a suburban area. Apparently, this photo family Krestovskaya will open a new children’s album. We will remind that 29-year-old Polevskoy this is the first child. As earlier it became known “StarHit”, Kristovskiy happy to nurse the son, and dedicates all his spare time.

      “The first outing of uncle Feodor” – proudly signed the happy father.

      It is worth noting that all daughters Kristovsky get along well with his new wife. Especially friendly to the new darling of the father’s older yasmin: a year ago, the three of them vacationing in the Maldives. The young heiress of Vladimir quickly found a common language with Olga and even considers her his girlfriend. In his Instagram the girl openly stated that trusts Polevskoy their secrets.

      Previously, the musician noted, satisfied at the way his children with new love and tries to do everything possible to spend together as much time as possible. Vladimir and Olga even settled near the home of his ex-wife to the father able to see a lot more daughters.

      All family members are happy that they managed to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings. A considerable merit in this was played by a calm and wise behavior Valeria Roman, which does not hold a grudge against a former spouse, who left her four children after almost two decades of marriage. By the way, she also got married again – her lover was a Muscovite Denis Pavlov.