Victoria Dayneko frankly told him how ruined her marriage

Виктория Дайнеко откровенно рассказала, как рушился ее брак The singer has spoken about the difficult relationship with her husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman. According to Victoria Daineko, they quarreled and parted before the New year. The artist does not know what will happen next. Victoria herself is in no hurry to file for divorce.
Виктория Дайнеко откровенно рассказала, как рушился ее брак

Singer Victoria Daineko is going through an extremely difficult period. The singer had a big fight with her husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman. Wife left trying to find a common language for my daughter. Until recently, Victoria chose not to comment on the situation, but the other day she made an exception and for the first time spoke about the problems in relations with chosen to dot the “i”.

Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”

In a candid interview with the actress admitted that the conflict in the family happened before, but the recent spats between them intensified. Five months ago, Victoria and Dmitri fell out so badly that the musician gathered all my things and left.

“Dima argued with reason and without reason. Now don’t even want to remember… We just clung to each other, no one wanted to give up. I’m not one of those girls who keep quiet and hope the man himself will realize that it is not satisfied. So I dime all expressed directly and in paints. Was hoping it would help solve the problem that he will hear me and something will change. But it was only a quarrel. Often, the conflict started Dima. He was very jealous of me for my past…” – shared the singer.

According to the artist, the husband tries to reconcile with her, although regularly corresponds by e-mail, and see his daughter. Victoria believes that they are still not ready for a normal dialogue. Couples prefer to exchange letters, because any other methods of communication, told the singer that don’t suit them and lead to mutual claims.

However, Victoria does not intend to file for divorce. However, if Joe will take the initiative in this matter, the singer will go to meet him. “Maybe he’ll decide to date someone,” added the actress. A few days ago, the star sent the photos, which her husband is depicted in the company of girls, and on the face of the musician traces of lipstick. “His right!” – these words Dayneko commented pictures.

Speaking about why she removed a joint photo with spouse, Victoria noted that it always did so when they criticized him. The artist didn’t think anyone would notice the disappearance of frames. As for the ring, then, according to the singer, she did not fight as before. Dmitry, shared Victoria, did the same.

In addition, the singer said she is ready to do anything for the adorable baby. The artist tries to meet her husband’s parents, if they want to communicate with the child. Victoria does not repair obstacles to the relatives of the spouse, as it puts the interests of the successor in the first place. “I love my daughter very much. If I didn’t, just from grievances filed would be up in a divorce, everyone would be banned from seeing her”, – quotes the singer the edition “7 days”.