Stas Sadalsky gave Maria Maksakova treatment of the mother

Стас Садальский передал Марии Максаковой обращение матери In a recent issue of “Let them talk” actor talked to the singer, who now lives in Kiev. Dialogue celebrities escalated into a dispute. According to Sadalsky, Maria reported some false information.
Стас Садальский передал Марии Максаковой обращение матери

Edition of the program “Let them talk”, during which was installed a teleconference with Maria Maksakova from Kiev, provoked a strong reaction among viewers and users of the Network. The actress answered questions about the past “Eurovision”, the semi-final which she managed to attend. Maria has denied rumors that she will represent Ukraine at the next Eurovision song contest. As stated by the star, after the death of her husband, Denis Boronenkov she is not ready for such ventures.

One of the guests of the Studio Stanislav Sadalsky has decided to personally ask Opera diva a few questions. As the star of theatre and film friends with the singer’s mother, Lyudmila Vasilievna, he called the actress to call the woman. For anybody not a secret that once appeared in the media critical of Lyudmila Maksakova-in-law of the deceased, the daughter has interrupted all contacts with her. Sadalsky believes that Mary is not all said when I talked with the Studio “Let them talk”. In the microblog actor accused the widow Boronenkov a lie. Stas Sadalsky publicly quarreling with Maria Maksakova

“Lyudmila Maksakova asked my daughter in Kiev do not misinterpret the phrase of Leo Tolstoy. On the transfer of Malakhov daughter Lyudmila distorted the words of Tolstoy: “to Forgive unable to hug the can’t – hands are cut off”. Lyudmila asked my daughter not to misquote the classic phrase of Leo Tolstoy: “When you betrayed — is still, hands broken. You can forgive, but to embrace no longer works,” wrote Stanislav in his Instagram.

Members took his side. Most followers believe that the Opera artist need to call your mother. “I wish Mary a speedy reconciliation and reunification with the Holy parents.”, “Yes, the complex characters from both”, “someone else’s family darkness. It is a pity that everything turned out all General discussion”, “Lyudmila Maksakova is a heroic woman,” wrote the user of a social network.

Recall that the last appeal to Mary’s mother became her words that she spoke during a teleconference. She noted that it is not ready to forgive Lyudmila Vasilyevna.

“I am grateful to my mother for everything she did for me, and I still love her. But, unfortunately, there are steps and actions that make impossible my communication with her. This does not negate my love,” said Opera diva.