Natalia Friske about encounters with Plato: “I already don’t believe in anything”

Наталья Фриске о встречах с Платоном: «Я уже ни во что не верю» According to some, the presenter cannot leave the country until the first of June. However, lawyers for the family of a child not confirmed this information. Sister of the late singer told “StarHit” that they still are unable to meet with Plato.

Today in a number of publications appeared information that the TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev now cannot leave the country. As told reporters the officers, such prohibition is valid until the first of June and was imposed due to the fact that the man did not comply with the court order. Shepelev did not give the Friske family to see Plato, although the decision of the court the father had to arrange the meetings.

Some sources reported that the TV host made a schedule of dates the boy with relatives, because we wanted to avoid the initiation of administrative proceedings. Besides, according to some, the requirements stated that a meeting with Plato, took place in a closed room and were attended by all members of the Friske family. “StarHit” contacted Natalia to clarify whether the changed situation.

“Honestly, I don’t believe in anything, – has shared with “StarHit” Natalia Friske. – Petoskey, we have not seen.”

One of the lawyers for the family confirmed that they are now trying hard to resolve the issue of communication between parents Zhanna Friske with her grandson. However, the representative Friske is in no hurry to make loud statements. In a conversation with “StarHit” he hinted that Dmitry can do to officially ban to leave the country.

Recall that the family members of the deceased singer has repeatedly tried to talk with the presenter by phone and left him messages on social networks with requests to give them the opportunity to see Plato. Vladimir Friske, the father of the actress, claimed that the TV host first allowed them to meet her grandson before Easter, but on the appointed day, was out on bond. Olga Shepelev wrote text messages in which he asked him to arrange at least one date. “Good day, Dima! Grandma Olga is very long and asks for a meeting with the grandson of Plato. Please do not refuse my request. The years go fast” – such message was addressed to the broadcaster in February of this year.