Victoria Dayneko does not exclude new wedding

Виктория Дайнеко не исключает новую свадьбу
After leaving the popular singer Victoria Dayneko with her husband drummer Dmitry Kleiman fans rooting for a favorite star.

Виктория Дайнеко не исключает новую свадьбу

Victoria the subject of the quarrel with no one discussed.

And now the singer has decided to share what I felt.

According to the girl, she’s all right, and in the future it is not excluded that again will go away.

“I split up with my husband, but my life has not become worse. Rather, even better. All that is done, the better. Long gone the time when you had to live together in order to be understood by society. Of course, not after the first argument to run, but if people continue to quarrel constantly, then their relationship won’t be good. Better each person to give a chance to be happier than every day to make each other unhappy. I love in the whole world and for freedom of choice!” – told the artist.

I hope that in the future Victoria all goes well.

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