Victoria romanet planning birth

Виктория Романец планирует рождение ребенка
Even after the participants leave the popular project “Dom-2”, their life is following a large number of fans.

Виктория Романец планирует рождение ребенка

Particularly popular are the former members Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet.

Fans are looking forward to the wedding of a beloved couple.

Victoria recently hinted that they are ready to become a mother.

“I, like any not given birth to a girl, I love to dream, and what I’m gonna be a mom? All I can do? But while in no hurry. And all the relatives say, get on with it, stop living for yourself, it’s time to think about the future. Get married, give birth to children, will raise, what else is needed for happiness? Actually, my plan was never to become a large part of a housewife, at least for now. I want now to look for some other mothers, who did not forget about yourself, and combine Mostovaya and active life. At home, I just will not ride,” – shared the girl.

Wish the couple in the future, understanding and respect to each other.

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