Dana Borisova went to meet the former spouse

Дана Борисова пошла навстречу бывшему супругу
The popular TV presenter Dana Borisova grows lovely daughter Polina.

Дана Борисова пошла навстречу бывшему супругу

Star tries to give his beloved daughter all my free time.

Now 9-year-old Pauline is with the Pope, Maxim Aksenov, Spain.

Dana decided to let her daughter go to the father, despite the fact that her ex-husband relations are not very good.

“Now there’s her dad, he quit his job to be a good father, he’s three and a half hours a day with her doing. My daughter so needs a daddy, especially now that age, when she stopped to listen, she needs a dad… I don’t know why a complicated relationship to it, I do not feel anything, nine years have passed. I forgot to think about it, it is interesting to me only as the father of Paulina. But, somehow, unfortunately, the negativity constantly flows, but lately he seems to be reformed, and I trust him with a baby,” he told the star.

No matter what any child needs a daddy, and I think that Dana did the right thing.

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