Victoria Dayneko constantly thinks about her husband

Виктория Дайнеко постоянно думает о муже The actress shared a meme in the social network. Cheryl Cole has hinted that the thought is about the wife she cause unpleasant memories. The actress checked into a hotel and is now enjoying meetings with friends and walks around Moscow.

      Виктория Дайнеко постоянно думает о муже

      The winner of “star Factory-5” Victoria Dayneko does not like to openly discuss personal life. But the artist regularly makes controversial publications in the microblog, which fans perceived as a way to Express their thoughts. Recently, the husband of the singer Dmitry Kleiman said that he and his wife are going through a difficult period in the relationship. Apparently, while none of the couples did not intend to take the first step towards reconciliation. Victoria posted in the microblogging widespread meme that reflects the behavior of the pair after parting – lovers think about each other after the break in a rather negative way.

      Daineko recently hinted in an interview about the possible causes of the disorder in a couple. The actress remembers how friends of her family had left after a divorce with children in their arms and were forced to exist on a pittance. It was then that she decided that she must stand firmly on his feet and not depend on men, which can suddenly leave her for another woman. From childhood, she realized that she needed the independence to be ready for any situation.

      Not so long ago, Cheryl Cole along with polutorogodovalogo daughter moved into a hotel room in the center of Moscow. To change the time, place of residence, the actress was forced due to renovations in her apartment. The singer gladly settled in the hotel and even found a new source of inspiration, and a few days later returned to their apartments.

      “We chose the hotel opposite red Square, with its view from the room window and every day walking to historic places. It is such a thrill, even when you live in the city for fourteen years. However, it seemed that we came to visit”, – shared his feelings the artist.

      Now Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman demonstrate to others that does not grieve about each other. The drummer is happy with the concerts and looks absolutely carefree, and Victoria shines at social events and catch up with friends. Husband of Victoria Daineko about divorce: “Not going to fix anything”

      “It is clear that in life there are different periods, and frequently bore down all at once, and happiness, when there is an opportunity to get away from this for a while in an oasis of beauty and comfort, and enjoy evening fireside chats with friends while the baby is sleeping,” said Victoria.