Lovers ‘ quarrels: as the families of the stars reflected the “spring fever”

Милые бранятся: как на семьях звезд отразилось «весеннее обострение» There are no perfect people, so sooner or later begin to experience difficulties in marriage. “StarHit” tried to figure out what is happening in the relationships of celebrities, and why those sometimes come in conflict with his mate.

      Милые бранятся: как на семьях звезд отразилось «весеннее обострение»

      With the onset of spring, many couples who seemed perfect, suddenly began to talk about the problems in the relationship. Celebs and their other halves diverge and make peace than to make the hearts of fans beat faster. The whole country still can not move away from the history of the showman Nikita Dzhigurda, which after a few months of experience have been able to establish a relationship with ex-lover Marina Anisina those. However, the marriage artist was not maintained. “StarHit” obratila to recent events from the life of famous people and tried to understand what will proishodit in their families.

      Model Liza Adamenko and the oligarch

      Милые бранятся: как на семьях звезд отразилось «весеннее обострение»

      After a young model Liza Adamenko has played a wedding with oligarch Valentin Ivanov, the young beauty fell down a hail of criticism. Many blamed the girl, in a cold calculation and the desire to break from “rags to riches” at any cost. Lisa herself such speculation strongly denied and said that sincerely loves his wife. However, as it turned out, Adamenko and Ivanov carefully hid marriage problems from prying eyes. In a Frank conversation with journalists Lisa said that her husband regularly beat. At some point, the model realized that he could no longer stand for it.

      18-year-old wife of an oligarch accused him of beating

      Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik

      Милые бранятся: как на семьях звезд отразилось «весеннее обострение»

      News anchor on “the House-2” Kate Susan and her partner Oleg Vinnik constantly keep the public in suspense. The couple has repeatedly said about the breakup, but after some time the young people were together again. This history lasts since October of last year, when winnick has announced that they parted with star electroni. Suffering fans of the brunette did not last long: a few days later, Katya and Oleg spent the weekend in St. Petersburg. Perhaps that is why social media users still believe in the reunion of Zsuzsa and winnick, even after the information about the termination of the engagement and a seemingly new fascination with a young woman.

      Susan broke off the engagement with Winnick for a new boyfriend

      Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman

      Милые бранятся: как на семьях звезд отразилось «весеннее обострение»

      The singer and her husband are going through an extremely difficult period. The couple decided to separate and spend some time away from each other. Fans of the Victoria Dayneko sincerely believe that the artist will be able to establish a relationship with the chosen one. Dmitry Kleiman in conversation with “StarHit” confirmed that indeed experiencing some difficulties in the marriage, but the details chose to abstain.

      “We are not divorced like, but it happens all. I don’t know what it is. Let as Vic thinks and says. She will tell you the truth. Not going to fix anything. Hope she’s got something to do”, – said the musician.


      Милые бранятся: как на семьях звезд отразилось «весеннее обострение»

      The star’s Instagram and businesswoman Anokhina Aina finds the strength to speak frankly about what’s going on in her life. Fans of women appreciate her microblog for sincerity and regularly write the star words of support on social networks. Not long ago, the ISA has announced that it is experiencing difficulties in a relationship with a loved one. In this regard, Anokhin took the decision to temporarily part with her husband.

      “Honestly, I don’t have enough romance. And all sorts of butterflies in my stomach. Marriage is a complicated matter. And it needs work every day. And there is one question, whether you want to. I always want to. And going to work. Now the best thing for us is separation. So I am leaving. To be bored by each other. Although I miss it already. I do not like to be without a husband. But to argue also don’t like” – shared woman.

      Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

      28 Feb actors was given the award “Couple of the year” at the event organized by the magazine Oksana Fedorova, a few weeks later, Agatha muceniece hinted at problems in the family. Fans of the charismatic artists was, to put it mildly, shocked. They couldn’t believe what celebrities decided suddenly to disperse, and began to leave Agatha comments with words of support. An extremely tense situation continued for several days. After a dangerous period, a young woman thanked the members and gave to understand that the crisis had passed. “Love again conquered all adversity!” said muceniece in the microblog.

      Paul Priluchny: “my wife and I many times was on the verge of divorce”

      Anton and Victoria Makarska

      From one of the strongest pairs of domestic show-business seems perfect. Anton and Victoria Makarska even have a joint account on Instagram to share with fans the news of his life. But not so long ago the darling of the stars of the TV series “Poor Nastya” stunned fans with unexpected information. A young woman spoke about the problems in relations with your loved one, and how they managed to overcome the difficulties. After a Frank recognition of the fans Already have started to respect their Union even more.

      “Sometimes it seemed to me that our relations are deadlocked. The situation was absolutely hopeless from a human point of view. In these situations, the most stupid thing you can do to start feeling sorry for myself. This is a false path “to nowhere.” As soon as I tried to look at yourself through the eyes of a loved one, I felt very sorry for him… Just because anyone is not bad. There is always a reason. To find the cause in ourselves, to humble ourselves and put pride far away is my way to real family happiness, to a real, lasting relationships and respect for each other,” – wrote in Instagram, Victoria.

      Vlad Topalov Danilina and Xenia

      Милые бранятся: как на семьях звезд отразилось «весеннее обострение»

      In September 2015 the ex-soloist of the band Smash!! Vlad Topalov legalized their relationship with a millionaire’s daughter, Xenia danilidou. Eighteen months after the marriage ceremony in the media appeared information about the alleged separation of the couple. According to rumors, the couple has filed for divorce and waiting for the official confirmation of the divorce. “StarHit” contacted Topalov with the request to clarify the situation. The artist did not deny that he had difficulties in relations with the beloved, but did not go into details.

      “I have all day today broken phone. I can’t understand where these rumors. I did not want to comment on it, bullshit. I’m fine,” – said the musician.

      Keti Topuria and Lev gaykhman

      Милые бранятся: как на семьях звезд отразилось «весеннее обострение»

      The soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria and businessman Lev gaykhman happily married since 2013. The couple are raising a daughter – a charming Olivia. So the news that the singer allegedly cheating on her husband with rapper Body, it seemed to the public something from the category of fiction. However, as it became known recently, these conjectures have arisen out of nowhere. Mother of singer Natalie let it slip to journalists that the spouses live in two countries and see each other infrequently. While Katie gives concerts in Russia, her choice does business in the United States. However Topuria and Gahman manages to maintain a great relationship despite the misgivings of her stars.

      “Of course, Leo arrives. For example, in December, all the Christmas holidays spent with Kathy and her daughter and left. He usually spends in America two or three months, and then going to Russia”, – said Natalia Topuria.

      Sabitova Ksenia and Andrey Snetkov

      Two years ago the daughter of the chief of talasahi country married the lawyer Andrey Snetkov. At a magnificent celebration, which cost rose Sabitova of 15 million rubles, gathered all relatives and friends of the couple. But the feelings of the elect Ksenia was fleeting. He left his wife immediately after the wedding.

      Only a few years later rose Sabitova decided to touch on a very difficult subject for her family. “Kseniya cried simply. He didn’t sleep with her! He was not living with her. Left,” said teleshko in the documentary of the First channel. Herself the heiress of a leading abstained from the conversation on extremely unpleasant for her subject.

      Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya & Dmitry Manannikov

      After eight years of marriage, people’s artist of Russia Evgenia Dobrovolskaya admitted that her husband Dmitry Manannikov became a stranger to her. According to Eugenia, between her and Dmitry disappeared understanding. Star happily said anything about children, but the mere mention of the wife makes her nervous.

      “I have a wonderful family, I live with children and live for them. The husband is an outsider, he’s not even your relative. You can imagine it? The woman clings to the man and says he doesn’t know how without him, makes a foolish dog,” – said Dobrovolskaya in an interview.

      Nicole Kuznetsov and Alexander Zadok

      Fans noticed that the finalist of the 16th season of the popular show “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova took off his wedding ring, even though the woman tried to leave with a memorable accessory. Fans immediately sounded the alarm and became suspicious. They started writing the dismayed comments on social networks. “StarHit” got in touch with Nicole to find out what really happened. She did not deny that he had difficulties in relations with the second half.

      “I think that I will refrain from any comments. We now have a difficult period and I’m not ready to discuss it”, – said the psychic.