Anastasia Reshetova endured persecution and beatings

Анастасия Решетова пережила травлю и избиение Famous model and star of the social networks told about a very difficult period. It’s now Anastasia Reshetova dream like millions of girls from all over the country, and once charming brunette in every way insulted at school.

      21-year-old model and “First Vice-miss Russia 2014” Anastasia Reshetova is a style icon for many young girls who dream to go to it. In the “instagrame” for the life of the charismatic brunette watched about 1.2 million people. They regularly write glowing reviews of Anastasia, which I admire her womanly figure and model looks.

      I find that very hard to believe, but a few years ago Reshetova survived the brutal persecution. Details extremely difficult period she shared in a recent candid interview. As acknowledged beauty, in school, she not only humiliated verbally, calling a “horse” and “lofty”, but sometimes let his fists. So, once a future star, “Instagram” something not shared with their peers. They have a grudge against her. Revenge of the girls were extremely cruel – they met Anastasia and raped her. It should be noted that Reshetova very steadfastly endured such humiliation. She was strong and independent since childhood.

      “I came home, slipped bruised by the toner, put on the hood and decided to speak… I Hate to complain about someone, I think it’s humiliating,” shared the model.

      Perhaps strength of character Anastasia went to the father – he is a military man by profession. According to Reshetova, who can easily chastise his beloved daughter, if it is not going to like it. To listen to the claims of the parent beauty we have now. “My dad’s real strict. He’s watching my life on social networks and it is very unhappy… However, time puts everything in its place and he tries to come to terms with the idea that it’s just an image,” says the model.

      Note also that Anastasia’s life, regularly shining at social events and showing all the advantages of her figure in sexy outfits, sometimes causes a mixed reaction from the public. Some users of social networks allow negative remarks about the stars of the Internet. Under each post Reshetovaa you can find hundreds of reviews are not indifferent to her people’s activities. The Anastasia quietly refers to the opinion of the envious. “To be honest, to me all this negativity for fun. I think this is a great indicator of success. If you do not discuss or condemn, then you’re no, you’re boring. And when you are in the mood, I even answer”, – quotes celebrity Peopletalk.