Victoria Bonia suffers from the separation from daughter

Виктория Боня страдает от разлуки с дочерью Celebrity sent the girl to the father. Victoria Bonya after parting with the civil husband Alex Servicom moved to the United States. However, the ex-wife was able to maintain a great relationship, but because they do not face conflicts regarding the meetings with the child.

      Now the former participant of “House-2” Victoria Bonia lives in Los Angeles. After the statement about parting with the civil husband Alex Servicom woman moved to the United States. The celebrity admitted that he remain on good terms with former lover, but because she in any case does not preclude him from contacting his daughter Angelina. However Victoria every time, it hurts to part with the child. Apparently, the Boni have a pressing engagement, but because it sent a successor to the Pope.

      “My favorite doll flew over to dad’s yesterday, and I already miss you like you haven’t seen her in forever! It is always very difficult to leave her, even for a few days. Well, nothing, within a week I’ll be back home and we’ll be together again,” wrote Victoria.

      Fans of the celebrity I admire the wisdom of the former spouses, from which there is no dispute regarding the possibility of communication of the child with each of them. Despite the fact that Victoria and Angelina living on the other continent, Alex at every opportunity is seen with the girl. “My father’s daughter, a copy of the little”, “what a Beauty! Very dad like. But in this photo right your features to be seen”, “How difficult for you. Probably, and dad misses his daughter. One of the downsides of the collapse of the family, unfortunately. But there are advantages for everyone. Happiness to you” – written by fans.

      Now Victoria is gradually settling in a new place. She showed the house, which is located together with daughter. Bonia also recognized positive changes in her personal life. The celebrity was glad that they met a wise man, to whom she had sincere feelings.

      “I have five minutes to married, what sorrow? Yes, I’m back in love. In love with this man that you even can not imagine such wisdom. I just love his brain. I love people with brains,” said Victoria during a broadcast on the social network.

      Some time later, the celebrity intrigued by the photo of an attractive young man. Fans were pleased that Bonn does not have to be bored alone. Victoria Bonia had an affair with a young “major”