Kris Jenner angry at ex-husband

Крис Дженнер разозлилась на бывшего мужа

The star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kris Jenner mortally offended by her ex-husband Bruce, who is now Caitlin Jenner – one of the most famous women of transgender people. Ex-wife and mother of his/her children did not like their own portrait in the memoirs of a former partner. In the new episode of the reality project, Chris made it clear he was not going to let Caitlin put such a pig.

“I read a lot about himself in his book, and that pleases me a little.. Everything he wrote – does not make sense, it’s fiction, but made me noble..Oh,” said Chris about the new book of the memoirs of Kathleen “Secrets of my life” (“The Secrets of My Life”). She was so annoyed that I called the latter-day woman and the father of her two daughters, to ask how she got down to it.
“I was angry and said, “What the hell’s going on?” and she simply said to me: “You would never understand”” said Chris. But especially angered Jenner that she allegedly knew about the willingness of your partner to have a sex change “even before they first time entered into an intimate relationship”. Chris and so barely survived the metamorphosis of her family, and now this accusation.
“My mother made every effort to remain a family. She does much for us all after the departure of Bruce. Caitlyn free to feel however he wants, but my mom doesn’t deserve to go through all this horror. For me it is very insulting,” said Kim, the daughter of Chris.
Recall that the transformation of Bruce, TV star and former Olympic champion, began in 2014 when the man removed his Adam’s Apple allegedly medical indications. In parallel, he began to grow hair and paint fingernails, and then we all started talking about the decision of a celebrity to have a sex change. Chris and Bruce were soon divorced, and since then he had undergone several surgeries to look more feminine, and in January this year was removed and “primary sexual characteristics” and now feels like a woman in every sense of the word.
A reality show based Caitlin did not last long, and in order to stay afloat, she wrote a book of memoirs, The Secrets of My Life, which is now engaged in promotion.