Lisa Boyarsky regrets wife for a joint future

Лиза Боярская жалеет супруга ради совместного будущего The actress who supports a loved one. When Maxim Matveev busy stressful night filming, Liza Boyarskaya trying to create a comfortable home atmosphere. According to the actress, the relationship should be build so that it is easy and interesting.

      Monday on the TV channel “Russia 1”, the premiere of the long awaited series by Karen Shakhnazarov’s “Anna Karenina” with participation of Lizy Seigniorial and Maxim Matveeva. The couple played Anna Karenina and Alexei Vronsky. According to the artists, working together in one project – it is a wonderful experience. And Lisa and Maxim are professionalism and passion. So the actors with great enthusiasm came to shoot multiseries film and even rehearsing at home to the next day to share their ideas with the Director.

      How was filming “Anna Karenina”: bold moves, serious passion and tears Boyar

      Lisa recently gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about life together with your loved one. According to star, despite the different characters, they perfectly complement each other. “He’s explosive, temperamental. And I’m more calm,” said Boyarsky. The actress also told that trying to maintain a soulmate. So, when Maxim Matveev busy night filming, a young woman comes into his situation and asks his son Andrew not to worry my dad once again.

      “Now Maxim is the fourth day without sleep. That is, he sleeps two or three hours before taking him in the car. Night shift, rehearsal, show and night shift again. And it’s my job to do everything that he survived it. If I weren’t an actress, would say: “Everything is good, but the child need to take to the garden, take out the trash”. But I know what after a night shift to rehearse, play and perform a play. Therefore, even the child is saying, “In the room to dad’s today do not go”, – explained the star.

      According to Lisa, the relationship with the spouse should be stronger than a child. “The son grows up and go in your life. You’re going to stay with my husband, and need to build relationships so that together was easy and fun,” says the actress.

      The actress also revealed that her choice is a wonderful father who doted in his son. Every free minute Maxim tries to spend with the lovely Andrew. The actor and his heir – “great friends,” said the star in an interview with the magazine “7 days”.

      We also add that shooting in the sensational series “Anna Karenina” became a test case for Liza Boyarskaya. Later, she admitted that experienced a range of emotions while working on the project. “Experiences, victories, inspirations, fatigue, despair, laughter, tears, nerves… it’s Hard to say how much we had to endure and live during this time. And it is impossible not to admit that it was one of the most interesting and bright “travel” and “dives” in our lives that we will remember forever.” – wrote the actress in the microblog.