Victoria Bonia risking his life on the walk with the tigers

Виктория Боня рискует жизнью на прогулке с тиграми Fans of TV presenter worried about her safety. The young woman continues to seek thrills and to test his strength, coming up with new classes. Video shot during a walk with predators is not a joke fans excited, Bonnie.

Recently Victoria Bonia came to Russia from the United States. The star of “House-2” decided not to waste time in vain, therefore, to spend days at home. A young woman, a little rest after the flight, went to feed the wild animals. Victoria had shared with fans a video where she calmly gives tiger, which is not bound and does not have a muzzle, pieces of meat, with no frightened of such close contact with a predator.

Members of the Chinese got cold feet and wrote a lot of comments, expressing their concern. “Vic, not dangerously so? Beginning worry about you!”, “I even look scary! Victoria, what a brave!”, “This is very dangerous, Vika! You took a big risk!” noted users of the social network.

Many have written that they feel sorry for the poor animal that lives in captivity. Celebrity decided to prove that Tigrai not deprived of their liberty and again demonstrated his fearlessness. Bonia posted a microblog new video, which can be seen as she quietly walks with a huge tiger on a leash. The beast obeys commands from Victoria and performs all its instructions.

“Yesterday’s comments like “I’m sorry tiger”, made me take this video to show you how they live. And they live fabulously, in nature, each with its own enclosure. These tigers were rescued from the hands of smugglers…” – signed video Victoria.

Victoria has long been shocking the audience risk classes. The star regularly published in the microblog pictures where she is standing on his head without using his hands. A few years ago Bonia surprised the country with magnificent performances in the “Tower” and “Without a net” on the First channel, where stunningly cope with all the dangerous jobs.

Celebrity loves warm interest in itself and in other ways. Recently, the Network literally blew her candid shots: the paparazzi photographed naked star, when she rested on the ocean. Victoria Bonia justified for nudity on the beach