May Abrikosov copies the image of Danila Kozlovsky

Май Абрикосов копирует образ Данилы Козловского Former member of “House-2” tried on the role of a famous actor. May Abrikosov was inspired after watching the movie “Viking” and decided to recreate the image of the hero Danila Kozlovsky. The fans were delighted with his experiment.

Now Roman Tertychny (real name May Abrikosov – approx. “StarHit”) lives in seclusion away from the bustling metropolis. Man does not crave to revolve in the world of show-business and subsistence farming in the village. Apparently, a former participant of “House-2” was so consumed with current Affairs, I was able to watch a sensational film “Viking” only four months after the premiere. The picture so inspired the man, that he decided to recreate the image of the actor Danila Kozlovsky, who played the lead role in the historical tape. May bared torso, I let my hair down, picked up the axe. This entourage was to fully replicate the medieval character of the film. Abrikosov shared the photo with their fans in the microblog.

“Tried to recreate the movie “Viking”. Do you think it worked?” – addressed to the followers male.

Fans appreciated the experiment May Abrikosov. They recognized that he was able to accurately convey the image of a warrior. Subscribers were quick to share their opinions with the former participant “Houses-2”. “Turned out. Mesmerizing very”, “What your hair is already long, great,” “Roman, you are to me the most brilliant Raskolnikov, Rasputin and the Viking!” – told about the impressions fans men.

May also gave an assessment of the film “the Viking”. He admitted that overall he liked the picture. When followers asked what impressed him and what seemed incorrect, Apricots did not specify. According to ex-member telestroke, each person has their own perception of the film, therefore, can find fault with every detail.

The former participant “Houses-2” quite often shares his thoughts. Not so long ago, he reviewed and gave some recommendations on how to improve a popular TV show. He believes that there are several ways that would make transmission of high ratings. May Abrikosov: “I Think the participation in the “House-2″ creative collapse”

Based on my own opinion, May describe the ideal leader, which could change the attitude of viewers to the project.

“Authority is indisputable, reputation is impeccable. To it should listen. To about it no one could say that it is flawed, schmuck, rogue, single, fun, NeoMagic and so on. Because the attitude to the host reflected in the attitude of the audience to the project. Participants scandalous forgivable, but important for leading the authority (without it will fail to rank the correct dialogue between the viewer and the project)”, – shared his thoughts Apricots.