Kate Gordon decided on a sharp change of image

Катя Гордон решилась на резкую смену имиджа The star lost his long hair. Kate Gordon admitted that he had become this person that I always wanted to be. Fans of the singer and businesswoman was delighted with her transformation. They claim that the young mother began to look more feminine and sophisticated.

For Kate Gordon’s long-established image of a courageous and intelligent woman who loves to break down stereotypes and despise any cliches. Continuing to show everyone that she is a lady, not afraid of no experiments, Katya Gordon decided it was time to change your usual way. A mother of two boys changed the curls below the shoulders on the quads. New hair incredibly is a young woman making her look more modern, stylish and business.

“Long hair is probably the last stereotype, which I won within. Meet it is I, such as it is. ‘ve always wanted… Dependent love, wandering, writing poems, fanateyuschie from animals and children”, signed Katia Gordon photo, which she sealed in an unexpected manner.

Fans of the star was delighted with her new haircut, noting that this presentation and the style is incredible businesswoman. And according to them, Katie will be a lot of imitators.

“This spring, everyone will be asking to cut the caret as Katya Gordon”, “Cool, sweet and fragile”, “Very well. The best image!”, “Very cool look so similar to the French. Sophisticated, feminine”, “that’s much better!” – do Gordon compliments her followers.

It is possible that changes in the appearance of the young woman was able to coerce changes in life. In February Katya Gordon for the second time became a mother, giving birth to a son, Seraphim. The recognition of stars with the father of the boy she broke up during pregnancy. Kate Gordon explained why he kicked out the father of the second child

However, Kate Gordon again happy in the relationship and apparently, the singer and businesswoman new choice. Not so long ago she published a photo with the man in which it informed subscribers learned businessman Igor Mecanica.

Note that among the starry beauties has long been a trend to short hair. With long curls without regret broke up a few years ago, Olesya Sudzilovskaya. Your gorgeous blond locks, the actress has sacrificed for her role in the movie “Son of Wolverine”. Upon assuming the office of editor of a fashion glossy magazine, in the spring of 2015 without regret parted with long hair that gave her the image of femininity and romanticism, Ksenia Sobchak. Ksenia made quads, straight hair ends. This image of a star maintains to this day.