Victoria Bonia may claim the property by Alex Smerfit

Виктория Боня может претендовать на имущество Алекса Смерфита

A few days ago, Victoria Bonya commented long ago that went up the rumors about her breakup with her lover and the father of her daughter Angelina Alex Servicom. The presenter said that she and Alex broke up, but tried to maintain friendly relations for the sake of their child.

The girl was left to live with mom, but the next few days the baby will have a father – daughter Smurfit took a little vacation. About it she told Victoria: “Docha with dad flew to the island!”

Recall that Bonia and Smurfit were not married officially, nevertheless, this fact does not prevent the wick to claim part of the property of a millionaire.

The fact that in France there is a civil Pact of solidarity. Initially the document was created for gay couples, and now they can use everything. The idea is simple: the Covenant is without much ADO, the couple is not married, but in the case of the gap may claim the property and Finance each other.

Unknown at this time, concluded whether Bonia and Smurfit such a Pact. If Yes, then the Russian player will easily be able to claim part of the property acquired during their relationship. And here comes up a decent amount. During the relationship with Victoria Alex bought a few houses in Monaco, Cannes and Saint-Tropez. Netizens suggest that Bonia will likely qualify for a coastal property on the Cote d’azur, one of which she now resides.

Boni much more concerned about the issue of custody of the daughter. As Angelina Lititsiya is a citizen of France, and therefore needs to live with a parent with the same nationality.

Note that the pair is unlikely to be in court to divide the child, because in his message on Instagram, which Victoria was published the other day, she said that she and Alex broke up, while maintaining a great relationship.