Anna Sedokova boasted a rounded belly

Анна Седокова похвасталась округлившимся животом

Rumors about the pregnancy of the popular singer Anna Sedokova appeared at the end of last year, but then the actress has not commented on any information or images with a little rounded belly, caught in some media. Now the former participant decided to dot the “i”, and openly admitted that is carrying a third child.
On his page in the social network Sedokova published a photo with a big belly, indicating a pretty impressive pregnancy. Along the way, she apologized to the subscribers for being so long kept his position a secret, and also advertised the release of a new video that will be presented in the Valentine’s Day on February 14.

“With each passing moment in life, you start to appreciate and preserve the main thing — my Family ❤ Now You forgive me that long was silent, but it is #HAPPINESS , about which even afraid to whisper it to a stranger. Soon I will be a mother 3 times and I thank God for it! 14 Feb Valentine’s Day I will present her video work and the song” — she wrote.
Of the child’s father is not much known. Unlike the previous gentlemen, this Sedokova prefers to hide away from human eyes. It is only known that he helps Anna in business, pays its creative costs and expensive life in Los Angeles. Met Anne with the father of her third child at the presentation of the musical award last year. rumor has it that it was lust love at first sight.
Have Sedokova there are also two older daughters Monica and Alina five and twelve years.